The Redskins name change.



Many of you out there I’ve talked to have told me you support the name change. Well, I urge you to keep an open mind as I have with the many great points you make. But many of you do not know the history of the word. You only know what it means in the dictionary. None of you are wrong at all. But when it has been my turn to talk, all of you disregard my points and shoot them down because you do not see the shades of gray when it comes to this issue. It is not black and white like you all would think. I know half of you completely disregard the name and maybe thats the reason why you are so close minded about the underlying facts about this issue. Should I not use the name so you can actually listen? Well, like I have been open minded to listen to your points, I’d like for all of you to be open minded about this article I have below. I have swayed some minds on the subject and maybe it will sway yours as well or bring to light of more great opinions about it.


Nevertheless, this issue will not go away. Now amazingly, I’ve noticed that the last biggest national poll that came in 1991 (coincidently the last time the Redskins won the Superbowl), this issue was brought to the supreme courts and the issue was dropped and we did not hear about the name change issue again until 2004 (coincidently, the last the Redskins made the playoffs). And now, the issue is heating up once more 9 years later (the Redskins are the defending NFC East champions). Does the success of the Washington Redskins correlate more to the name change when they are winning?  Its a very interesting issue and of course the wheels are turning hard more than ever. What is you take?

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